Parents and Students Play a Life-Sized Monopoly Game to Kick off New School Year

Temple David’s Weiger Religious School’s new year got started with an extra-large “GO!” as – in the GO on a Monopoly board.  The Religious School Improvement Team at Temple David has been working on curriculum improvements over the last several years and they wanted a way to communicate the new and improved curriculum in an enjoyable way.  They were able to celebrate the new organization and their mission and goals with both students and parents in a fun and engaging way – Wiegerolopy!  (Temple David’s religious school is named for the Weiger family.)  They developed a giant game board based on Monopoly, with 49 squares surrounding the social hall with Mr. Monopoly – in tux, bow tie and with cane – stood nearby. Each parent and child wore a top hat and bow tie as well.  Each square had a question or an activity – everything from “List the four Rabbis who have served Temple David”  to “Ask someone ahead of you their grandmother’s name” to “Name the current Hebrew month.”  In addition, there were six stations which everyone rotated though with different activities.  Families also got a chance to meet their teachers and discuss what they would be learning.  The day ended on a sweet note with honey cake tasting.

Everyone had a fantastic time and here are some quotes from the students and parents:

“It was fun because I was with my family”, “It was fun walking around a giant board game”, “I had fun with my family and I also learned about 7th grade”, “The best part was the enthusiasm and the participation of the families.” “The energy and interest the morning’s program evokes from both students and parents was inspiring!”

Rabbi Barbara Symons, who serves as the Religious Director of Education said: “It was not by chance, but it was by community that we shared our curricular objectives with our families.  Everyone had a good, engaging time.”

What a fantastic way to get a great year started for the students and parents of Temple David’s Weiger Religious School!

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