Should I take my children out of school for the Jewish High Holy Days?

YES!!! We sometimes think of what our children are missing – tests or perfect attendance scores (which, by the way, cannot be punished for religious observances) instead of what they gain.  To sit with our children as our community comes together to launch the new year and to reflect upon and repent for the year that has just passed, is to send a message that this is not “for adults only.” When we think of such phrases as “quality family time,” it refers to shared experiences upon which we can build. After sitting together at services, we can talk about the magnificence of seeing the Torahs dressed in white, of all of the memorial lights shining the memories of loved ones onto us, of approaching God through the words and sounds of “Avienu Malkeinu,” of each person’s appraod to the new year.  At Temple David, we have many ways for people of all ages to participate in High Holy Day services and experiences.  Just say “Yes!” and I will see you there.