Why Temple David

“Belonging to Temple David means you belong to a warm and supportive community of people who share your faith and values.  Within the embrace of this community you can celebrate your happy events and find encouragement during sad times. You can enjoy a peaceful break in your hectic life at Shabbat services, and you can learn more about Judaism with our many education and volunteer opportunities. Joining the Temple David community is a worthwhile commitment that can enrich your life in immeasurable ways.”


“Celebrating life cycle events such as Confirmation and marriage at Temple David in my youth made a lasting impression on me and later my husband.  We lived out of state and belonged to a couple of other congregations during the early years of our marriage.  When the opportunity presented itself to relocate back to Pittsburgh we knew that we would move to the Eastern Suburbs regardless of the location of our jobs as coming home meant raising our family at Temple David.”


“We are a caring community that prays and educates.

We are a caring community that comforts and celebrates.

We are a caring community that welcomes all.”


“When we joined Temple David in 1958, we joined a community, a welcoming extended family, a Jewish nourishing center for us and our children.  Our children received an outstanding Jewish education and my husband Mel became a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 83.  I became a Bat Mitzvah at 86 with 15 other caring women whose ages spanned over 50 years.”


“Temple David is an extension of my family in my everyday living and spiritual development. My Temple David is home to me.”


“In the waiting room at the dentist’s, a magazine ad for Hyundai caught my eye.  It asked “Can you feel at home even when you’re not?”

I joined Temple David because there I feel I belong.  From the very first tour by a committee member who let my young sons take home extra wood from the building site, to the warm way my husband and I are greeted when we attend services, and the way the Rabbi and members are there for us in times of trouble, I feel part of Temple David.   At Temple, we are comfortable being a part of the service, knowing Hebrew or not.  Members have so much in common; no one is a stranger.  We can be ourselves.

As Shabbat approaches, and I walk into the sanctuary, I give a sigh of relief.  I’m home.”


“It’s a family friendly atmosphere which permits individuality.”

“The Rabbi is awesome! “

“The curriculum of the religious school allows students to work at their own pace.”

“There are many fun events that promote religious learning along with socialization for both children and parents.”


“There are several religious options east of Pittsburgh, so why choose Temple David?  What makes us unique? With no executive director, we are a congregation run by committed volunteers, and proudly offer an excellent religious school, as well as adult educational opportunities.  Our Rabbi, Barbara Symons, provides energetic leadership, spirited worship services, and is a learned educator.  We are a community of friends, who offer support to those in need, and reach out with social action projects.  We sharesimchasand sadness, and share stories about our lives.  Why Temple David?  Because it is, in all ways, a home away from home, where one can feel proud and invested in being a Jew.”


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