Finding Time

Posted on by Rabbi Barbara Symons

The most elusive thing we have, the thing that we cannot slow down or pay more money for or invent is, of course, time. As much as the Covid interruption might have confused time–since many of us, myself included, often did not know the day of the week or the date–it did not necessarily slow down time. Where did those 15 months go?

I have often joked that I am trying to invent an eighth day of the week. But more than more time, it is how we spend our time that counts. Here is a good way to spend your time: invest in a short novel about Albert Einstein called Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. In it, Einstein dreams dreams that conceptualize time in different ways and as Wikipedia describes, “The book demonstrates the relationship each human being has to time, and thus spiritually affirms Einstein’s theory of relativity.” I just know that I was moved by the book and considered it in ways more poetry than narrative.

So here we are in time, having just passed the summer solstice–the longest day of the year. We have almost 15 hours of sunlight (as opposed to the winter solstice which has about 9 hours and 15 minutes of sunlight). We might not have more time, but we have more sunlight. How will you use it?

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