Wish List

This list has been been compiled by the Temple David Board of Trustees to consist of items that we would like to purchase, or improvements that we would like to have around the Temple.

Temple David Wish List (as of January 2021)
Item Category Requested Donation
Bimah Handicapped Accessibility Building/Grounds $14,000
Social Hall Exterior Wall Improvement Building/Grounds $5,000
Religious School Wing Security Doors Building/Grounds $7,000
Outdoor Sanctuary Refurbishment Building/Grounds $5,000
Silver Torah Breastplates (2) Worship Enhancement $5,000
Live Streaming Equipment Worship Enhancement $6,000
Website Maintenance Administrative $6,000

If you would like to donate an item on our Wish List, or if you would like additional information,  please contact Kay Liss at kayl@templedavid.org.

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