Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Jason Z. Edelstein was the first Rabbi at Temple David.  He served as the congregation’s Rabbi from 1960-1995 and is the Rabbi Emeritus.  He gave us a message to share about Temple David:

A name is something to grow into.  A name has meaning.  What Temple David promises to be is connected to David the shepherd, the warrior, the king and, above all, God’s poet, the psalmist.  The three Torah scrolls in the ark of this synagogue are adorned with covers inscribed in Hebrew.  The one on the right says “Psalms”. The one on the left says “of David”. The one in the middle says: “The Lord is my Shepherd; I lack nothing” (Psalm 23).  To this we respond Omayn (so be it).  Whatever the many things we may do as a community; whatever concerns and challenges we encounter, the name into which we grow, David, stands for faith and trust in God.  That was, is, and will be the promise of Temple David.

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