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Siman Tov u’Mazel Tov!!! Those are the words we will be singing throughout the year as all grades learn about the Jewish Life Cycle in age-appropriate ways. Beyond learning about Brit Milah, Brit Bat, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, and end of life rituals, we will learn how Israelis celebrate and observe these life cycles with our Shinshinim (Israel high school graduates who come for a year of service), compare to life cycles in other religions, and create our own. We can feel a hora coming on! Join in!


Welcome to the Temple David Weiger Religious School. The school is named after Blanche and Joseph Weiger, long-time members of Temple David, in thanks for their generous bequest to Temple David to support the Jewish education of our children.

While you are welcome to read our Mission Statement in its entirety on this web site, in brief, our goal is to provide every child in our congregation with strong Jewish knowledge and a pride in being Jewish that will serve them throughout their lives and inspire them to pass them on to their children. We do this recognizing that our children live in a non-Jewish suburban environment that pulls them in many different directions.

One of the unique characteristics of our Religious School is that it is an integral part of the congregation. Most of our teachers are members of the congregation, and teach because they are personally committed to our vision of what we want our children to become.

The school is administered by a Religious School Commission of lay leaders of the Congregation in partnership with Rabbi Symons, who is also our Temple Educator. The Religious School Vice President is the chair of the Commission and is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee. This ensures that the lay leadership of the Temple is constantly aware of Religious School accomplishments and needs.

We welcome you to explore our web site to find out more about the variety of ways in which we educate our children. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Rabbi Symons by phone at 412-372-1200 or by e-mail at, or contact Melissa Cooper at 412-526-6299 or We will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Rabbi Barbara Symons
Director of Religious Education

Melissa Cooper
Religious School Vice President

Weiger Now Accepting Non Members thru Grade 3


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