Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Weiger Religious School at Temple David, as a pulse of our congregation, is to develop proud, practicing Jewish adults who have the skills and responsibilities needed to transmit their knowledge and faith to future generations; who understand Jewish values, Jewish languages, Torah, the struggles and triumphs of Jewish history, and the Covenant with God; who are passionate about engaging in prayer, study and acts of loving kindness; and who are well- prepared to function as Jews in a predominantly non-Jewish suburban environment.

We will accomplish this by providing teachers who are committed, knowledgeable, energetic, and lead by example and persuasion; utilizing a sound Reform curriculum that includes text-centered and experiential learning, field trips, history and current events; involving families in the education of their children; encouraging family attendance at and participation in Shabbat, high holydays, and festival services; providing programs that support the purposes of the Religious School including Youth Group; and providing financial support for staff, facilities, curriculum and materials, all in an authentic and respectful environment supported by the entire congregation.


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