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TREATY welcomes you to our one of a kind webpage! Over the past 2 years, TREATY has regained its strength and  rebuilt the Junior & Senior Youth Groups to the strong and devoted organizations which they are today!

Some TREATY Vocabulary
  • TREATY = Temple David/Three Rivers Eastern Area Temple Youth:)
    • Junior Youth Group = Grades 3-7
    • Senior Youth Group = Grades 8-12
  • PREM = Collaborative of all Pittsburgh Reform Temple Youth Groups!
    • TYG = Temple Youth Group
    • There are 6 TYGs involved in PERM (TREATY– Temple David, PARTY – Temple Sinai, THERSTY – Rodef Shalom, WHY – Temple Emanuel Israel, OY – Ohav Shalom,  & J-TEAM – Temple Emanuel).
  • NFTY-PAR = North American Federation of Temple Youth – Pennsylvania Area Region (All of Pennsylvania + Southern New Jersey).
    • There are 5 official Regional events each year: Haggigah-Maccabiah, SLK (Summer Leadership Kallah), Fall Kallah, WINSTY (Winter Institute), & Spring Kallah. All events except WINSTY are held at URJ Camp Harlam in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.  This is different for WINSTY which is hosted by one of the Synagogues within the PAR Region.
    • NFTY-PAR Regional Board = The true leaders of the region whom are elected during Elections (during March).  There are 7 Regional Board Positions which prove very prestigious and rewarding.
    • You can learn more about our Region by visiting their website: 🙂


Current Standings of TREATY Board:

  • Advisor –
    • “Assistant” Advisors –
    • Assistant to the Advisors –
  • President –
  • Membership Vice President –
  • Programming Vice President –
  • Communications Vice President –

We hope that any upcoming 8-12 graders who would be interested in gaining new leadership opportunities will join the TREATY Board in the years to come!

You may find all of our current and future events in the Temple David calendar! We have had a number of very successful and positive events recently…

Including… For the Junior Youth Group:

  • Pizza Parties after Religious School (on Wednesdays).
  • Challah Baking! 🙂
  • Crafty Shack – ceramics & painting fun!

Everyone involved in TREATY (Junior & Senior Youth Groups):

  • PB & J Sandwich making for the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry!
    • With 17 participants (Grades 1 – 12)…We made 617 PB & Js in only 2 hours!!!

Senior Youth Group:

  • Sweet Bake Sales! 🙂
  • PERM Mini Social Action Weekend (Hosted by TREATY!)
    • Approximately 30 participants from all of the Pittsburgh Reform TYGs spent the night at Temple David and participated in a youth-led service, mixers, and TREATY’s first program!! The next morning we volunteered at Produce to People located in Braddock and Bethlehem Haven! It was a wonderful event and the social action really shone through!
      • TREATY just began their now-annual Flashback Dance 2 years ago.  We invite all Temple David adults to come dressed in their favorite decade & enjoy a relaxing evening of fun and dance! (This has been TREATY’s most successful fundraiser yet! 🙂 With 43 attendees at the most recent Flashback Dance, the support for TREATY proves unbelievable! We hope to see all of our Temple David members there in the future!

To Get Involved:

  • If you are a 3-7 Grader & would like to learn more about getting involved in TREATY’s Junior Youth Group: Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We would love to see you at our future events, and hope to engage you in as many ways as we can!
  • If you are an 8-12 Grader & are interested in becoming a part of TREATY’s Senior Youth Group, PERM, and NFTY-PAR: We welcome you to get in contact with any of the names listed below to find out more information!
  • If you are a Temple David Congregant: Your support for TREATY is always appreciated! If you would like to play a stronger role regarding TREATY, please get in touch with us.

Being a part of TREATY is nothing less than amazing! We hope that this webpage gave you more information which can help you in your “youth group decision process” or just learn more about who we are and what we do.

Contact Information (Please Read!):

Current TREATY Advisor: 
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