The Caring Community of Temple David

Temple David’s Caring Community was formed to reach out to all Temple David members in times of need. We offer care and support to congregants who are ill, homebound, have experienced a loss, or are returning home with a new baby. Performing g’milut chasadim (acts of loving kindness) is part of our Jewish tradition.

There are times in our lives when we need and welcome helping hands. Times of illness and mourning can be particularly difficult for anyone. Once, extended families were close by to offer support. Today, many of us are geographically distant from relatives, and have limited support. In additions, our busy lives and commitments do not always foster close relationships with neighbors and a sense of community. We must care for one another through acts of mutual responsibility (ar’vut hadadit).

Below you will find the Temple David Caring Community Mission Statement:

  • Temple David members will support one another in times of joy and sorry.
  • We will be a resource for people in need. We have various resources to help all our members.
  • We will educate on Jewish ways to deal with death and loss.
  • We commit to address the needs of all members and reach out to them.
  • We will help all members so that they feel they belong and not feel that we focus on a select group.
  • The Caring Community has a structure that makes it relatively easy for members to give and receive help when difficult circumstances arise.

For more information contact: Kay Liss,

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