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Choosing to convert to Judaism is the beginning of a long conversation of “yes’s.”  Often initiated years before by a lack of connection to one’s childhood religion, there is then an event, a turning point, that opens the door to the possibility of becoming a Jew.  Through study, involvement in the Temple community and private meetings with Rabbi Symons, the conversion candidate takes his/her knowledge and transforms it into a way of interacting with the world through Jewish lenses.  At the end of the process, as the candidate ascends the bimah to share his/her journey and to chant the “Shema” while cradling the Torah, every member of the congregation has two reactions: heightened Jewish pride and being inspired by this Jew-by-Choice’s “yes”.

Some quotes from people who have converted to Judaism at Temple David:

I took the Judaism 101 class with no real intention of converting at that time, I just wanted to gain a better understanding of Judaism, so that I could appreciate the services and High Holidays that I attended. After the class was over, I felt that conversion was on my radar, and not as alien as I thought it would be. The 2 year experience of learning Hebrew, with the Adult B’Nai Mitzvah ladies, discussions with the Rabbi and exchanges with my husband helped me further appreciate the values of Judaism. The whole process made sense when I was finally able to recite the Shema at my conversion service. I was a Jew.

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