Mobsters, Molls and Marinara

Thanks to Robin Sloan and EVERYONE who helped create a fantastic evening at Temple David on the 9th of March.

We started with wonderful appetizers, then as we ate we started to meet the mystery troupe.  After the “murder” we got to question the suspects and then try to figure out “who done it?”  The best answer of the night came from Richard Myerowitz who guessed that it was Rabbi Symons – “because Rabbi Symons does everything!” After wonderful desserts and a last chance to bid on the silent auction the wonderful night was complete!

We all had fund and raised money for Temple David.  Thanks again to all who helped from planning, to moving tables, to set up, to cooking, to the silent auction – it was a great group effort.  If you missed it this year – please be sure to come and join us for next year’s big fund raising event!

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